Factory Building

Neelkanth Polymers has two extensive guar gum manufacturing plats having over 3,00,000 sqft. of production area. These Plants are strategical located at Sardarshahr, a land that produces the finest quality of guar crop on the earth. Located in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan, this place produces 45% of the world's guar crop.


The company owns one of the largest warehouse capacities in the region that can store over 35000 metric tons of the raw material and finished products. Products are packed according to the requirements of the buyer’s specifications. Our warehouses are situated just beside the plant premises for fast availability of the raw material.

Research and Development Department

Research, development, innovation and improvement are the most prominent parts of company's mission vision policy. The main thrust of the R&D function is to accelerate innovation and maximize the value of each product designed to provide economic benefit to customers at large.

Our R&D department constantly works with our customers to develop newer and better products to help them improve the quality of their products as well as reduce their overall costs.


All the products are tested into the company's technologically advance laboratory at every stage of the production to ensure 100% desired quality. Equipped with the most updated technology, it provides solutions taking into account many factors like the industry buying our products and geography in which products are used. The testing department works in coordination with the production department to ensure transition of quality and consistency.


At Neelkanth we have all the latest product packaging solutions required by various industries. Our packaging units are installed on the main production lines of the plants to reduce any atmospheric exposure. Our packaging range includes 25 kg Laminated Paper Bags with liner, 35 kgs or 50 kgs HDPE Bags, 800/900/1000 kgs or 2000 LBS Jumbo bags.