Guar Meal (Animal & Bird Fodder)

Product Id: NEEPO™ High Protein Guar Churi Processed Guar Meal (Fodder) is a high protein feed stuff. It is widely used as partial substitute of soy beans meal. It is processed by toasting at high temprature to remove natural trypsin inhibitor. Thus enhancing its nutritive vaalue and digestibility
It’s Advantages :
Free From Salmonella & agent
Alfa toxin & E. Coil
Free Flowing
Can be used as a binding 100% Non-GMO product

Animal and Bird Fodder

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Product specifications

Chemical Analysis:

Crude Protein52+/ - 2.0%
Oil5.0 +/ - 1.0%
ASH5.0+/ - 1.0%
O & A(Oil & albuminoid)53%Minimum


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