Guar Meal (Animal & Bird Fodder)

Product Id: NEEPO™ High Protein Guar Churi NEEPO Guar Meal is a bi-meal product obtained after processing of guar seeds. It is 100% NON-GMO plant obtained natural protein source for animal feeds, especially for cattle, fish, poultry, swine, etc. NEEPO Guar meal with its balanced amino acid profile and high protein and energy content complements with other ingredients to create balanced feed products. NEEPO Guar meal is free from Salmonella, E. coli and Aflatoxin. NEEPO Guar meal also functions as a widely accepted alternative to expensive Soy proteins in poultry & cattle feeds.

Animal and Bird Fodder

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Product specifications

Chemical Analysis:

Crude Protein52+/ - 2.0%
Oil5.0 +/ - 1.0%
ASH5.0+/ - 1.0%
O & A(Oil & albuminoid)53%Minimum


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